Is Chronic Pain or Lack of Energy holding you back from the life you want to live?

Our integrated team at Anodyne of Las Vegas provides tailored solutions for you to live pain-free, think clearly, and have more energy.

At Anodyne, we provide a pain and wellness center that is ready to assist with an eclectic range of health needs. Our aesthetics services will help you achieve your ideal look through vampire facelifts and more methods. We also provide chronic pain treatments, such as chiropractic care, so you can help your spine become more functional. You can even visit Anodyne for light therapy if you prefer a non-intrusive wellness method.

Whatever the issue is, you deserve a personalized healthcare arrangement to find the most suitable solution. Learn more about the services provided by our pain and wellness center below. You can contact the team at Anodyne of Las Vegas anytime you’re ready to find your ideal healthcare solution.

All in one place

The One-Stop Healthcare Center

Stop going to different offices, different buildings, and different cities for your healthcare needs. At Anodyne of Las Vegas, you get all of your treatments at the same office!

Physical Medicine

We offer Chiropractic Care, Physical Therapy, Pain Injections,  X-Rays & More!

Regenerative Medicine

Our Advanced Regenerative Therapy & PRP Treatments relieve knee, foot, back, & shoulder pain.


Functional Medicine

We run extensive tests to find the problem at its root. We also include supplementation & Nutritional Therapy.

Wellness Program

Our wellness programs help achieve a healthy weight, more energy, better mood, increased libido & more!

We are different

Our purpose is to provide the highest level of care by having multiple health experts working side by side. Our goal is to help as many people feel better and to live the life they want to live.

Anodyne of Las Vegas


We listen to your needs, identify the source, and craft a treatment plan personalized for you. Click the link below to start!

Don’t Take it From Us! Hear What Our Patients Are Saying!

“This wellness center is the bomb! My initial phone call into the office was seamless. I was greeted warmly and professionally. When I showed up for my appointment for IV Infusion Therapy, I was greeted sincerely. The staff is outstanding. My nurse Amy was a breath of fresh air. I am grateful to everyone. I am feeling great after my infusion.”

Cathy W.

“Tasha Sannar made me feel so comfortable and got me through the process to be able to proceed with the IV treatment with having major needle
phobia. Thank you so much. I absolutely intend to come back again. The staff here truly wants you to come and relax during your treatment which shows how much they care for your well-being.”

“This is the place I’ve been looking for. Doesn’t matter if it’s my hips, back or neck. Anodyne has the ability to help relieve all the pains. Need chiro, pt, shock wave or hydro therapy? They have it. The staff is great! Always friendly and helpful. I highly recommend them for anyone with pains, mobility issues, or anyone who just needs periodic regeneration of cells or oxygen replenishment.”

Joe G.


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