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Anodyne Pain & Wellness Solutions is a national healthcare provider. Anodyne focuses on non-opioid, non-surgical treatment of acute & chronic pain. Anodyne provides a wide variety of medical services to help its patients regain their health and wellness. Our main goal is to give our patients a roadmap to living a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Our practice is a medically integrated, full-spectrum pain management care facility. We provide treatment based on Traditional Medicine, Functional Medicine, and Restorative Medicine. Our team includes highly skilled healthcare experts who develop successful treatment plans for each patient in our care. Continue reading to learn more about us!


Meet the Team

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Alina Garcia, MD

Mehran Soudbakhsh
Nick Sadeghi

Mehran Soudbakhsh, DC

Nick Sadeghi, MD

Donald E. Hoard, MD
Donald E. Hoard, MD

What We Do

Physical Medicine: Includes traditional physical therapy treatments such as therapeutic exercise and therapeutic massage. We also offer chiropractic care such as performing specific spinal adjustments, and spinal decompression treatments.

Traditional Medicine: Includes the use of x-rays, anti-inflammatory medicine such as cortisone, fluoroscopic imaging, and trigger point injections. These medicines reduce pain and joint inflammation. Additionally, the use of Durable Medical Equipment is used to provide customized bracing for all parts of the body.

Functional Medicine: Treats specific underlying problems using treatment protocols such as highly concentrated vitamins and supplementation used to correct the underlying causes of pain. Pain is often due to hormone imbalances, thyroid dysfunction, low testosterone, excess weight, and more.

Regenerative Medicine: Is focused on aiding the body’s ability to repair itself naturally.

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