E-Stim Treatment

At Anodyne, we focus on natural healing processes that do not require surgery. Luckily, these natural treatments are an effective solution to combating chronic pain. Even if you don’t know what’s causing your pain, seeking professional help at a health and wellness clinic will help you learn more. You can talk to our experts at Anodyne for help and once we narrow down the symptoms, we can explore possible treatments.

One of the ways we can help your body naturally heal is with an e-stim treatment. At first glance, this treatment may seem unusual, given the electricity and equipment involved. Using e-stims for chiropractic care involves placing pads on the target area. These pads act as electrodes, allowing our team to use mild electrical currents to assist in healing.

During the e-stim treatment, the currents interact with our body to promote natural healing. The electrical currents achieve this by increasing blood flow around the specified area. The e-stim electrodes will also contract your muscles to reduce the current pain you feel.

As you can see, e-stim therapy makes valuable use of electrical stimulation to help our bodies work better to strengthen themselves and support us every day. The effectiveness of this treatment is also why our team at Anodyne may use it in combination with other treatments. For example, we may use e-stim before chiropractic alignment when the situation calls for it.

Sometimes, the pain someone is feeling requires the help of multiple procedures, which is why our team boasts the top experts in these fields, from e-stim to chiropractic cupping and beyond. This ensures we can collaborate with multiple professionals under one roof to treat your pain. The right treatment ultimately depends on the individual patient’s needs. Are you ready to discuss further how e-stim chiropractic care can help you? Reach out to our team today to discuss your situation and the treatments available.