Physical Medicine Services

How Does Physical Medicine Work?

Patients looking for pain relief solutions frequently turn to physical medicine services for assistance. At Anodyne, we proudly provide physical medicine because we understand the importance of having minimally invasive pain relief solutions that require no surgery or medicine. We want to help you find a solution that you are comfortable and satisfied with.

If you experience pain or inflammation in areas of your body such as joints or muscles, we can work with you to find a personalized healthcare solution. This is a broader look at what physical medicine is and how it works at Anodyne, so let’s discuss the more specific practices we can provide to patients today.

What Types of Physical Medicine Options Are Available?

After talking with patients about their symptoms, our team can begin exploring potential solutions in order to handcraft a personal, effective treatment. One of the most common types of physical medicine and rehabilitation services for patients is chiropractic care, which involves using spine manipulations to find pain relief.

We can perform chiropractic adjustments, but other chiropractic services include cupping, e-stim, and Graston therapy. Additional types of physical medicine services we provide include physical therapy, such as exercises, to get your body in better shape.

What Are the Benefits of Physical Medicine?

Although chiropractic care helps with back pain, it can also help patients find relief when suffering from arthritis, headaches, strokes, and more. All our services provided by our team at Anodyne focus on healing pain or inflammation in the muscles, joints, and other areas using natural solutions.

However, obtaining these benefits may seem intimidating if you don’t fully understand why they occur, which is why we’re ready to help you learn. If you’d like to learn more and schedule your appointment at Anodyne, reach out to our professionals providing physical medicine and rehabilitation in Las Vegas and Henderson today.