Traditional Medicine Health Services

What Is Traditional Medicine?

At Anodyne, our team of professionals in Las Vegas helps patients find peace with many methods, and they include traditional medicine. However, traditional medicine doesn’t rely on only one method. So what is traditional medicine? The practice of traditional medicine utilizes a variety of tried-and-true methods of pain relief.

These are longtime methods that professionals continue to use to treat patients’ unique needs, resulting in convenient, effective outcomes. After all, unique needs often require personalized solutions based on researched and reliable practices. Now let’s break down what methods and materials our team uses to provide traditional medicine health services.

What Are Common Traditional Medicine Practices?

At Anodyne, we explore many healthcare solutions based on any patient’s specific symptoms and health status. Even when you choose traditional medicine specifically, you still have various hands-on healthcare options. For example, our traditional medicine health services include x-rays, fluoroscopic imaging, and trigger point injections.

Our healthcare team also utilizes anti-inflammatory medicine, including cortisone, to help patients find peace. Cortisone is found naturally in our bodies because it is produced by our adrenal glands. By increasing cortisone presence with a convenient injection in the affected area of your body, the goal is to reduce pain and inflammation. Now that you see what our traditional medicine in Henderson involves, keep reading to learn what problems it can help you resolve after the process is complete.

Why Would You Need Traditional Medicine?

Traditional medicine is effective at helping patients with inflammation and pain in areas of their bodies such as joints. Patients can also turn to our traditional medicine in Las Vegas for muscle pain relief solutions. All of the steps taken in traditional medicine practices prioritize assessing your body and reducing pain or inflammation so you can feel comfortable again.

Our traditional medicine at Anodyne also uses durable medical equipment (DME) to assist patients. The use of durable medical equipment means that we can make custom braces for any part of your body. Contact Anodyne today if you’re ready to learn more about the benefits of traditional medicine and how you can take advantage of them.