Vampire Facial

What Is a Vampire Facial?

A vampire facial is a micro-needling treatment that uses the beneficial growth factors of your blood to promote healing and rejuvenation. The platelet-rich plasma not only supports wound healing, but it can also assist in enhancing hair restoration and other cosmetic procedures for healthier skin—all without the invasiveness of surgical alternatives.

PRP vampire facials utilize a three-step process that earns their name because of the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) extraction step, but rest assured the procedure isn’t as scary as it may sound. The process is nearly or entirely painless, depending on how sensitive you are, and features a very short recovery period.

What To Expect

When you visit Anodyne for nonsurgical facial rejuvenation, our dermatologists will draw a sample of your blood and place it into a centrifuge to isolate and extract the PRP. The platelet-rich plasma will then be reinjected or applied topically to your skin. These facials use reinjection when targeting specific areas like acne scars or wrinkles, helping to correct imperfections for a more youthful appearance. Topical application is spread across your entire face to maintain your skin’s health and ensure it looks fresh and vibrant.

After the Procedure

Because these procedures don’t involve anything intrusive like incisions, you’ll enjoy a remarkably short recovery period. Generally, the maximum recovery time is 48 hours. Potentially, your skin may experience redness, swelling, flaking, or sensitivity after the micro-needling process, so you’ll just need to give yourself a couple of days to naturally heal and adapt.

To learn more about vampire facials or to sign up for one today, come visit Anodyne in Las Vegas, NV! We’ll be happy to provide further information on the facial process and help you feel as safe and comfortable as possible before we get started.